Automated Backup with Robocopy, PowerShell and Symcon

Some time ago I started to learn PowerShell a little more and when it comes to dealing with copy processes, I stumbled upon Robocopy, again. This time I decided to get familiar with it and use Robocopy together with PowerShell to automate my backups.

I got rid of my high power consuming server as a 24/7 machine and built a power saving server while using the old one for virtualization …

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For one of my recent projects I would need to update IP Symcon variables from a PowerShell script.

I found the following approach handy and adopted it:

JSON-RPC Web Request from within PowerShell

It’s been a while since I worked on this script but as far as I remember, I struggled with the “payloadJsonRPCVersion”. I had to provide the version in the JSON payload.

JSON_RPC.ps1 contains the two functions you …

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