Smart Home: “Your Laundry is done!” with Homematic and Symcon

I mostly do my laundry twice. The reason is not a obsessive-compulsive disorder or because I love doing laundry…I just forget to get it out and want to have fresh clothes when I peg out washing .)

Therefore I seeked for a solution to be remembered, of course in an automated way with notifications about the start and stop of the washing machine (Push Message, Audio Play) as well as …

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Measure water consumption with HomeMatic, Symcon and Siemens Fridge

All you guys with fitness trackers, smart watches or who are just interested in IoT may know the function to track daily personal water consumption through mobile apps or widgets on the wearable devices. There is just one problem: People are lazy and so am I 🙂 (For those of you who are too lazy to read, scroll down to the video showing the result)

Hence I would do it …

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Automated Backup with Robocopy, PowerShell and Symcon

Some time ago I started to learn PowerShell a little more and when it comes to dealing with copy processes, I stumbled upon Robocopy, again. This time I decided to get familiar with it and use Robocopy together with PowerShell to automate my backups.

I got rid of my high power consuming server as a 24/7 machine and built a power saving server while using the old one for virtualization …

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For one of my recent projects I would need to update IP Symcon variables from a PowerShell script.

I found the following approach handy and adopted it:

JSON-RPC Web Request from within PowerShell

It’s been a while since I worked on this script but as far as I remember, I struggled with the “payloadJsonRPCVersion”. I had to provide the version in the JSON payload.

JSON_RPC.ps1 contains the two functions you …

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